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May 2023

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Creation of a room to welcome visitors and be their first point of contact at the company's new hub. We were looking for an eye-catching space that was not a conventional room.

In a short period of time it was necessary to generate a discourse that would unite space and audiovisuals and that would turn a brief visit into an unexpected experience. Something to put a smile on visitors' faces and "whet their appetite" to continue with the visit to the facilities.

After the opening of its new logistics hub in Madrid, unique in its sector in terms of size and management capacity, GLS asked us to create what would be the Welcome Room to receive all visitors who came to see the facilities. The challenge was to surprise and create a space that would get people talking within a fully functional environment like a logistics platform.

From the very first moment we knew that we wanted to work along enveloping and sensory lines and that during the 5 minutes that the visit lasted in the room, the guests would have a feeling of disconnection with the rest of the spaces that they had visited in the building until they reached the Welcome Room. To this end, we structured the intervention around 4 points that we did not want to lose sight of:

The access door, and therefore the entire visit, is activated by reading a QR code as if it were a package delivery confirmation.

Although the starting point was a small standard room, we tried to make the most of it to turn it into an attractive and enveloping space.

The entire space is full of nods to the vans and boxes that are the most representative elements of the company on a daily basis.


The room had a window overlooking the logistics floor, but we didn't want visitors to see it from the start. We decided to hide it and unveil it at the end of the experience in the Welcome Room to serve as a starting signal to begin the next phase of the visit.

The entire project was carried out entirely with our own personnel and with the creative and technical development taking place simultaneously due to the short time available for its execution and start-up.

Only the systems engineering part was outsourced in order to have much more specialised profiles.

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Conceptualisation, graphic design, space design, scripting, audiovisual production, equipment and systems automation and construction.

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