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“With an innovative and creative design, we produce “made-to-measure” items for each format of the project.”

The Estudi Ferran Sendra production team comprises producers and logistics specialists who implement and control the construction, assembly and development processes of each event. With an innovative and creative design, we produce “made-to-measure” items for each format of the project.

Among our multidisciplinary team, we can offer trade fair assembly experts both at home and abroad.

Specialists in major events who manage and coordinate both the constructive and audiovisual part and the planning and manage all services revolving around it, coordinating hostesses and the catering for the event, for example. We have managed to mobilise a group of over 3000 persons, which requires a great talent for planning, organisation and coordination between the different parts.

EFS also has its own technical writing team to put in bids for any type of event or act. We have had our own management platform and customised mailing for over 5 years.

Among our producers we have more technical profiles in charge of constructive drawing through blueprints and plans, and coordinators specialising in assembly and dismantling the event, guaranteeing quality throughout the process. In addition, each department manager keeps tight control over the tiniest details, thereby ensuring success and a great result for each assembly.

It doesn’t matter if the assembly is 50 or 5000 miles away; our logistics managers will make sure that deadlines are met. The great EFS family has partners all over the world that guarantee both quality and security during assembly.

We use top quality materials to make sure the space will be hard-wearing. Our purchasing specialists always get the best quality at reasonable prices.

Trusting Estudi Ferran Sendra is synonymous with quality and security. Consequently, we generate dreams together that motivate our customers even before they realise it. The result will be just as special as we promised.