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Directors’ Convention 2023


March 2023

Directors' Convention 2023


Production of all the spaces (stage, cocktail, offices, reception...) and materials necessary for the celebration of the company's annual meeting.

In recent years, the meeting had already changed its format towards a more televised discourse, far removed from the former long days of presentations. This year we had to go one step further and come up with a different formula that would surprise guests.

The annual convention of CaixaBank executives is one of the bank's largest in-house events, with more than 2,000 people in attendance.

It is the only time of the year when the majority of CaixaBank's senior managers at a national level meet in the same space, and the event serves to take stock of the year and transmit the company's new objectives.

The event involves interventions in countless spaces including offices, meeting rooms, reception, photocalls, food, etc. Thousands of square metres of carpet and printed fabric, furniture, assistance personnel and more  complete a global corporate intervention that accompanies visitors from the first moment they enter the venue.

The stage

The objective was to generate proximity with the guests and this was achieved through a scenario in continuous transformation, adapting and enhancing the communication needs of each block, in terms of lighting and images on screen as well as physical scenery. We leave aside lecterns and totemic elements and think of relaxed talks, late-night formats, standing dialogues, live music…

More than 700 LED modules were used to generate a wraparound stage with a backlit ceiling and a glowing floor that brought light everywhere. A 9-camera production and content management with state-of-the-art media servers adapted to 8K to give a fully broadcast result.

Event Audiovisuals Case Study

Directors’ Convention 2023


Conceptualisation, graphic design, space design, scripting, audiovisual production, management and construction.

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