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Online Convention 2021

Making off

May 2021

Online Convention


For the past few years now, we have handled the design, production and coordination of GLS's on-site internal staff conventions. Full days of sessions and activities in which around 1,000 employees from Spain and Portugal meet to share their business interests. They asked for our services once again in 2021, but COVID-19 meant that the event had to move to a purely online format. The target audience was expanded with the goal of reaching about 3,000 people and covering not only strategic or tactical departments, but also more executive profiles.

Making off


Right from the beginning we approached the event like a television show. We wanted to steer away from simply rebroadcasting the same conference formats of other years. The whole event had to be adapted to the delivery and timing of a TV programme. Capturing the viewer's attention and providing a flow to the content was essential to keeping the audience enthralled.

Script and audiovisual



The decision was made to summarise into two hours content that was previously explained during an entire working day. Designing the script, not to mention the trust that GLS placed in us to adapt their style of addressing the public, was a key step in internalising in a natural and interconnected way the corporate message to be delivered. It is at this point that being empathetic and sensitive to the client's needs is paramount to achieving a coherent and harmonised result.

The possibility of creating and producing all the exterior video reports that were broadcast during the programme reinforced the joint narrative, creating synergies between the different parts of the event.




Logo, lower thirds, motion graphics, headers, bumpers, stationery, digital invites, screen content to appear in the set background... to be printed, to be seen on both the big screen and mobile phones... When defining the graphic line that would guide the whole project it was important to have a global vision, foreseeing solutions even before problems occurred and providing resources for the future needs that we would encounter.



The programme was recorded using an area of our own facilities as a set. Right next door we have our carpentry, printing and electrical workshops, something that makes resolving any unforeseen events much quicker and guarantees an immediate response.

In terms of design, we opted for a minimalist set structured around three areas: carefully designed lighting, a large multi-purpose 12-metre screen and an impressive reflective floor to intensify both the lighting and the screen.

The programme was broadcast using four studio cameras and two teleprompters, managing content with more than 20 national and international live connections and a private content distribution network without depending on standard servers.


Technical secretarial team
and streaming

For us an event begins when the guest receives the first input, and that is why it is very important to take care of every detail right from the get-go. In this case, the first contact was the event's announcement online, which was later reinforced using reminders, followed by a final delivery of each guest's personal password so that they could securely access the private platform from which the event was broadcast.

The online platform guaranteed the real-time participation of viewers through quiz-type questions asked by the presenter on set. This gamified the event and helped to capture the viewers' attention while providing a way to decide how to give out the final prizes.

Mockup image of a woman using and typing on laptop with blank white desktop screen on wooden table

..… and anything else
you may need

If there is one thing that identifies us at EFS, it is our commitment to our projects. And even more so when they come with the client's complete confidence in us, as was the case with the GLS convention. At Estudi Ferran Sendra we take care of hiring the presenter, the make-up team, caterers, the medical service, transfers... And all at our own facilities: set, dressing room, make-up room, private meeting rooms... But our work did not end with GLS's event.  We also took care of designing and creating the awards, the gift that was later sent to each viewer's home.

Truly a turnkey project.

Event Case Study

Online Convention 2021