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Cinergía 2015-2018

Gas Natural Fenosa

2015 - 2018

Actions on the street


Gas Natural Fenosa is one of the country's major energy companies, with a firm commitment to passing on the principles of energy efficiency.
Thanks to its various communication and sponsorship activities, Gas Natural Fenosa has also become one of the leading backers of cinema in Spain by, among other things, sponsoring the country's top film festivals.
Bringing these two commitments together leads to the Cinergía project, involving the creation of short films directed by and starring important figures in Spanish cinema, which set out to entertain while at the same time explaining how we can change our habits to save energy.
These shorts were presented to the media and audiences at four festivals - San Sebastián, Sitges, Madrid and Málaga - and their energy efficiency messages were backed up by activities on the spot at each festival.



Al cinema, com a casa


At the cinema, just like at home

Taking as a starting point the tips on energy efficiency in the home that Gas Natural Fenosa wanted to pass on, the proposal was to present them at each film festival through participatory activities to achieve not only a higher recall rate but greater notoriety.

In line with the topic of the shorts, a different project was prepared every year. Inside a tent set up as if it were a home, a range of activities were presented among the furnishings and the rooms in the home. All these activities provided advice on energy efficiency.

In each series, a different formal solution
For the first year, a modern-day home

In the first series, we presented a modern-day home in which a series of games and tips were offered in each room, for all audiences to discover the tips on energy efficiency.
Each room had an experimental activity and a visual game to make the "learning" more fun. Everyday features of the home were also exploited to pass on as many tips as possible.

"In each series, a different formal solution"

En una gran pantalla de televisió es realitzaven, a més, passades del curt que s'exhibia en cada Festival per acostar-ho al gran públic.

For the second year, a journey into the past
For the second year, a journey into the past

The second year saw a journey into the past, like the shorts presented this year, consisting of going into a house from the 60s. On arriving, visitors were presented with a challenge and given a "purse" with a series of coins which they played with in each activity.

The goal was to show, in a direct way, how much money they saved by making efficient use of energy.
Money they could use for other purposes of their own and so change our future.
Each electrical appliance in the house was a simple game for which the result was assessed. Those who got it right kept their money. Those who got it wrong had to pay for their lack of efficiency. The activities combined graphic ideas with more technological touches like audio resources, tablets and so on.

The link to social networks was made by sharing a photograph alongside a final board showing the result achieved.

For the third year, we travel into the future
For the third year,
we travel into the future

These were the keys to the project for the third year, as in the Cinergía shorts to be presented.
The activity was run in a house of the future, with appliances to control energy efficiency in the home.

"The efficient home of the future"

The style of the house was inspired by one of the essential fragments of a short film and made it possible to create the surroundings of the home of the future: a highly minimalist aesthetic with a preference for the colour white and curved shapes.
A house of open spaces was created, with a simulation of integrated smart appliances, strongly oriented towards achieving maximum energy efficiency when in use.

The link to social networks was made with an activity that took visitors to their own near future. What would they look like in a few years? An app made their photograph travel in time and come back with the way they would look in the future.

Taking care over every detail
Taking care over every detail

Each of the projects featured every detail needed to close the circle: providing people to deal with the public dressed to fit the period of the home, as well as an entertainer with the job of livening up the action and getting the public to participate fully; working with the organisers of the different festivals, not only to find the best locations but also to coordinate the necessary permission, setup and facilities.

San Sebastian
San Sebastian

Overall intervention

Overall intervention

The projects were created, designed and managed by EFS. Each project was set up and dismantled four times, once for each festival, and between festivals all the material was stored in our building in La Llagosta, where it was checked, maintained and kept in ready for the next event.

Exhibition Case Study

Cinergía 2015-2018


Interior design, Stage design and building

  • Date

    February 9, 2018

  • Client

    Gas Natural Fenosa

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